Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Shah-Khan during his cosmetic dentistry internship with Dr. Mojgan Fajiram in New York City. She is responsible for some of the most famous smiles in the world. Her patients include news anchors, rapping elite Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled, Remy Ma, Wall Street Billionaires, Royalty, to country singers like Shania Twain.
Dr. Shah-Khan is grateful to have trained under such an incredibly skilled dentist early in his career, learning the some of the greatest cosmetic techniques to create a solid foundation for his own skillset. He is fortunate to have such a close personal network of talented doctors.
If youre interested in getting a Superstar⭐️Smile or complete facial look – look no further than Dr. Shah-Khan. He combines his eye for esthetics and beauty, wealth of knowledge of cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, and facial contouring through botox and dermal filler. He can help you achieve your complete aspirational look or a full facial transformation in one place with one doctor. Feel free to contact us, we’re here for you.